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A group of organizations requires deep intelligence related to events within their data structures. These events can create responses through multiple avenues - logs, event alerts, messages, email notifications, and even root cause documentation. Without powerful tools, the depth and breadth of the data collection engines can paralyze an organization.
Pain Points:
  • No central repository for all data types
  • No unified standards for structured data
  • Existing Digital Asset Management solutions cannot see inside these foreign data stores
  • Organizational decisions place content in multiple locations with no centralized repository
  • Due to multiple points of analysis, duplication of data is highly possible
  • Organizational fears related to costs of failure


  • An index of centralized data allows all queries to be made from one search box
  • Data remains stored in their original locations, with clear identifiers of where it can be located
  • Entities can create relationships between key-value pairs across multiple structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources
  • Provide open-ended content intelligence to identify specific requirements of the organization who owns the data


  • Analysts can access all data sources quickly, without relying on defined data structures
  • Analysts can define searches and filters across all data without reliance on pre-defined taxonomies
  • Analysts gain the depth needed to trace actions and incidents through all data sources without requiring access to each toolset.
  • Analysts gain insight into the actual flow of an action or incident and track its waterfall effect through an organization

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